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My Story


For more than a decade I was in "survival mode", living from paycheck to paycheck, sometimes needing to make the choice between a roof over my head or food to eat. I worked in several jobs in the same position that I despised to the core of my being, but couldn't move away from because I was never able to afford a higher education.


Moving House

I moved in and out of several toxic relationships, and had

to deal with all of my family members unexpectedly and tragically passing away in a short space of time. I then moved across the country in search of a "new horizon" while the world was in the middle of a pandemic. 


Eventually, everything took it's toll. While I had been working to keep my head only just barely above water, I could no longer sustain it, and I sank down into a dark and deep depression. l ended up having a nervous breakdown and was finally admitted to a mental health clinic.  

While I was in the clinic, with time to breathe, lessons that I had learnt when I was shortly out of high school (that time when you seek freedom and independence) rose back to the surface of my awareness. I recalled 

the power of visualization, and the law of attraction, the impact my thoughts had on my world. I once again began to recognize that I create my own reality. I remembered how I managed to, at only 24 years old, manifest a dream trip to Hawaii in search of my purpose...

Nia Keightley in Hawaii 2009

It left me wondering what had I done wrong. Why, when I had all those lessons, was I sitting in a mental health clinic 13 years later as a "responsible adult"? So my journey back towards myself began. 

I worked to heal the wounds I had gathered through the years, and rectify my way of thinking. 

As I did, I found that I began recognizing how many people were struggling with their own wounds, their own learned behaviors and limiting beliefs. The challenges that I had just been working through in my own life became illuminated and I recognized these experiences mirrored in the people around me. As I interacted with these individuals and shared what I understood, I realized that not everyone consciously holds this knowledge, or knows how to apply it. It was then that I knew I had to share this knowledge with the world, and to support people in liberating themselves from the proverbial "chains" that hold them back.

It wasn't until I worked to shed the weight of the past and learned how to harness my thoughts that my world began to shift in unimaginable ways.

My relationship - the healthiest one of my life - flourished, and we got married last summer. I finally got the job that I wanted. I saw opportunities show up in the most unexpected places, and I received serendipitous financial windfalls. My dreams finally started becoming my reality.

Now, it's time for me to show you how to do the same.

The Essence of Crystal Feather

Authenticity and Integrity 

When we embody unwavering integrity and unapologetic authenticity, we ignite a blazing trail that compels others to follow suit.

Creativity and Passion

We passionately believe that a life kindled by boundless passion and unbridled creativity is not just the best life—it's the only life worth embracing!

Kindness, Empathy and Compassion 

We firmly believe that every soul carries hidden battles, concealed from the world's eye. Therefore, we let kindness, empathy, and boundless compassion be our guiding stars, illuminating the path we tread, always.

Learning and Knowledge

We wholeheartedly embrace the notion that we are all here on this journey of life to evolve and expand, learning from one another in an endless exchange of wisdom. And when we absorb the knowledge gained, it becomes our sacred duty to share it, lighting the way for others with the enlightenment we've gained.

Healing and Growth

In the sacred journey of healing, it is through mending our own wounds that we unlock the profound art of healing others. Self-restoration is the gateway to becoming a beacon of solace and restoration for those who seek it.

What I do

I help Conscious Creators break through the barriers that hold them back and reclaim their power as their authentic selves to create the life they have always yearned for. I used to feel like I was only just surviving, struggling to make ends meet, working in a job I hated, which landed up in my having in a mental breakdown. But now, by using the various tools I am here to share with you, my world has transformed. I am working in a position which I love, have financial windfalls coming to me from unexpected places, and I got married last summer to the partner of my dreams.

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